Andrew and I took Brighton trick or treating lastnight with our nieces and nephew. We went to the little town east of here. Brighton had on his teddy bear bunting from Old Navy (BOUGHT FOR $4.49!!!! WOWZA! I got it yesterday HA HA). We colored his nose black and gave him some whiskers. Brighton made quite a haul for a toothless bandit. 🙂 I tried telling the people that he couldn’t have any of the candy yet, but they said, “Mom and Dad can though!” and gave us a treat or two. It was really sweet.

Staying home from work today. Something is going terribly wrong with my back and I can barely pick up my son! I’ve been to the chiropractor already, which didn’t really seem to help despite all the cracking and popping I heard. I’m hoping after I ice it, I’ll feel better. Just thought I’d hop on while Bright is still asleep in his carseat. My house is a freaking wreck, but I can’t bend down to pick anything up off the floor without screaming in pain. I suppose I could swiffer…but not vaccuum…So I guess Bright and I will have a fun day just lying around alternating ice and heat packs looking at my wreck of a house.

I’ve been looking through other bloggers blogs. Boy, is mine boring! I guess I’ve just started, so it may get more interesting right? Riiiiight…


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