We went to nursing group today and visited the aged center at the hospital. It was pretty neat to see all the folks smile and coo at the babies. At the same time, gosh, it was sad. All I could think was that the folks that had babies of their own were probably remembering what it was like, and hopefully, it brought back fond memories of parenthood. And those who didn’t have babies, I sure hope they’re OK with that. I know not everyone wants or can have children, and I wish I could just bottle up the feeling for them so they can experience it. Only the good parts of course 🙂 Then again, there are those who already seem to know that feeling with children that aren’t even theirs. And they are lucky. Going to places like that makes you think about your own mortality that’s for sure. It was nice to see them smile anyway. And naturally, Brighton gave them all big smiles and giggled/snorted for some. My friend Amy says that he has a good energy about him and a sweet soul. I have to agree. He sure is the light of our lives.

After group, we went to visit a potential day care. OMG! It seemed OK, it seemed fun, all the kids were happy. None were sitting in front of the tele-even though it was on. It was just a little more chaotic than I had anticipated. I’m so comfy with Brighton going to my friend Gretchen’s house and being like he’s at home and I’m a little afraid to give that up. But I also know that it’s good for Brighton to be with other kids. And I’m sure that Gretchen is ready to have her freedom back. After all, it’s only twice a week right? The one thing that bothered me, was that when I called at around 1:30, the owner wasn’t there (at a Dr. Appt) and the “helper” was there with 6,7,8 (?) kids. YIKES! She explained to me that if she leaves, she leaves during naptime and is usually only gone for 1 1/2 hours +/- but it still made me nervous. On the other hand, I understand that she has appointments too that she has to make. So, I guess I can live with that. Ugh…why can’t I just win the lottery or be the heir of some fortune? Oh well, real life has a way of smaking you in the face and you just have to fess up and DO IT. It’s always hardest the first time right?

Well, I better get to making my husband supper since he’s going to be home late tonight and I’m hungry already. I have a killer headache and yes, my back is still hurting, though not as bad as it was yesterday. Have a great night! Signing off!


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