Here’s a group photo of some of us at the hospital yesterday. brighton is in his stroller since I hurt my back…GOSH the kids were SO CUTE!

Little punkin is still sleeping…it’s 5:36 AM, DH is off to work and surprisingly, I’m awake. Been searching for receipts for items that I have to take back to Target today. I still have to go through my stash for Jill (my friend who is expecting THIS MONTH!!! in San Diego) and take out some of the newborn stuff and take that back before I drop all the bags off at her mom’s to take with her. YIKES! She has a haul just from me. I have a real problem buying baby clothes. Is there an 800 support group for that?

We’re getting flu shots today (Andrew and I). I’m a little freaked out to be honest. I’ve never had a flu shot and so many people I talk to that HAVE had them get sick. But Bright will get my immunities so it’s important for at least me to get one since he can’t have one yet. Well, I’m off to get myself ready and drink some much needed coffee before the munchkin awakes. Have a great day!


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