It’s been a crazy couple of days. Brighton and I are both coming down with a cold, Andrew and I went and got our flu shots (did I mention that already?), Friday I spent making my friend’s pouch and an apple pie-which I was afraid that I put YAHOO! Chili spices into, but I didn’t thank goodness. Saturday I worked, got home then sat on our butts the rest of the night since I’ve been feeling totally crummy. I can tell Bright is too because he is sleeping a lot more the last couple of days. He fell asleep at 6:00 PM lastnight and slept until 3, woke up, pooped, ate and fell back asleep at 4:00 AM. Mom was of course, still awake, but fell back asleep as soon as I laid down next to him on the couch where we slept until 7:00 (AM) Today we had a nice breakfast at my In-law’s house and my MIL cut my hair!! Two inches is all off the bottom, but it looks totally different and I love it. Then Bright and I went to our Gourd Patch meeting, ate cookies, made a huge mess with gorilla glue and Das clay, went grocery shopping and now finally back home. We’re both pooped. I thought I’d log on and update before Charmed comes on.

ANYWAY, this is a Brighton Blog, not a mommy blog. Bright is sitting up a little better with assistance. He gets bored sitting though, I wonder what that’s about? Maybe he just gets tired. We sit him in his boppy and let him play on his blanket. He will sit up for about 5 minutes before he scoots out of it. If he’s on the couch with us he will sit up a little too on our laps for a longer period of time, especially if Thomas The Train or Bob the Builder is on 🙂 I think that will be enough for tonight. I’m pooped and Andrew says supper is ready. Have a good night!


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