At around 5:15 this morning Andrew and I had some excitement…no not the kind you’re thinking perves!! Guinness (the cat) was freaking out behind our grandmother clock and lo and behold, there was a mouse. EEEEEEKS!!! So we moved teh clock out, off the mouse ran down the wall behind the chair, then back, then back behind the chair. Stopped behind my gourds. “GET GUINNESS!!!” Worthless cat. We got him, put him RIGHT in front of the mouse and he looked at it, and walked away. UGH! Even my diabetic/blind dog was taking some interest in the darn thing and would have caught it had it not eventually ran behind the 5000 pound entertainment center. OH well, I’m sure one of the four animals in the house will get it by the time we get home. I just hope if they eat the head (yes, they will do that!) they leave the endtrails on the linoleum…

BAD MOMMY! I was going to let Brighton sleep at least until I was done with my new post, but then I heard my alarm go off!! DARN IT! I forgot to turn the alarm off! Oh well. Maybe he’ll take a nap this morning then. It’s 6 AM and we’re all awake.

Brighton had nursing group yesterday, he weighed in at 16 lbs 5 oz! What a lug! Just last week he hadn’t gained anything from the previous week and he was 15.14. In fact, he’d lost 1/2 ounce (which probably came out in his diaper). Then we went to lunch with my friend Tami and her daughter Zoe. SHe is SO DARN CUTE! We determined while walking through Von Maur that it was a good thing Andrew and I had a boy or we’d have a serious over population of clothes. Well, time for work!! BRight’s going with me again today…fun fun!! We’re having lunch at Iguana’s today..yummy.


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