Was it something I said?

We went to see the Good Doctor Bernhard yesterday morning and lo and behonld, little Brighton has an Ear Infection 😦 Poor baby. Though I can say he’s been better than he was night before last. (DON’T READ THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE IF YOU GET GROSSED OUT EASILY!) He had a big poop yesterday morning and it had little chunks of sweet potato. (YOU CAN START READING AGAIN HERE) So I think that was what was causing most of the pain…Needless to say, we’re staying away from sweet potatoes until he can get through his box of rice and then another box of oatmeal.

Anyway, about Bright’s poor ears…Maybe I ought to stop swearing around him…Haha. Dr. prescribed some eardrops (benzocaine and Antipyrine) to numb is eardrums so the pressure doesn’t hurt him. I’ve been giving him tylenol too. That seems to help. We opted to wait on the antibiotics and see if he can fight it himself. And since he already seems better (even without the drops) we’re going to stick it out another day, but I might have her call in the script anyway, just so we have them over the weekend if we need it. Now, don’t tell her, but I’ve also been putting breastmilk in his ears – straight from the tap. In my Dr. Sears book, it says you can put warm vegetable or olive oil in their ears to help relieve the pain, so I figured, what can it hurt to put Breastmilk in there? Turns out, nothing. And if he gets some antibodies from the milk that helps kill the bacteria, even better. Even though I don’t think it can make it down to the inner ear, but it’s worth a try “just incase”. I think my husband thinks I’m nuts. Oh well, join the club!! Well, Bright is sitting next to me in his rocking chair while I drink my coffee and write this. He might be getting bored, either that or Alanis Morisette is grading on his poor sore ears.

One more thing, It’s getting close to Brighton’s 6 month photo appointment (the 30th ALREADY!), so if you want a photo of Brighton for Christmas, go to his picturesite at http://www.picturetrail.com/broberb and let me know which photo you want and if you want a 4 x 6 or a 5 x 7. Give me a little bit so I can number them so it’s easier to determine which one it is. While you’re there, click on the link to Amy’s website! Andrew and I and some friends of mine are on there with our babies!! 🙂


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