One for the baby book…

I know that being peed on when you have a boy is par for the course. But I never EVER thought that I’d be willing to block the stream with my hand…yep, that’s what I did. Brighton and I went shopping today for his Christmas outfit and a couple things for dad. We stopped to change his diaper and his outfit because it was just too darned hot and I was carrying him in his sling for part of the day. Here I am in the changing area at Coral Ridge Mall, with my half naked son. I go to get the diaper ready and all of a sudden I saw it out of the corner of my eye. Everything moved in slow motion…(read the following in quotations very slowly) “NOOOOOOOO SSSAAAVVVEEE TTHHHHE HAAAANNNNNAAAA AANNNNDDDDEEERRRSSSEEENN OONNNNSSSIIIEEEEEE!!!!!” (resume normal reading speed) Before I knew it, my hand was over his privates blocking the stream from his outfit, face, belly button, HEAD. I don’t think it hit the mirror, I’m pretty sure I got to it in time. So, frazzled, I grabbed the wipes that I’d just put away, and started cleaning frantically before anyone could see what my beautiful perfect son had just done. And to beat all, I forgot to wash my hands upon leaving the restroom…


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