Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, you read the time right. It’s 5:00 AM and I’m awake. I’ve been awake since 4 AM, but got out of bed at about 4:45 and let the dogs out in this crazy wind and cold. Started a fire (in our fake fireplace), lit the candles and am brewing me a pot of decaf coffee. Mmmm… I think I just slept really well lastnight or something because I didn’t move all night long and when I woke up the first time at around 3 AM, my ear was asleep. Weird. Anyway, Brighton and Daddy are sleeping soundly. I thought I’d let Daddy sleep in and so I took care of the dogs and cats this morning. (even though I had to wake him up to find out where the cat food was).

Bright and I went shopping yesterday. We bought Andrew a new sweater and collared shirt at big boy Gap, and bought Brighton some new clothes too at Baby Gap. They are having some good sales this week so I thought I’d better jump on it and get his Christmas outfit while it was on sale since he gets his 6 month photos next week. I got a stocking stuffer for him too, a big red knit Teddy Bear that sings a lullaby. (SHHHHHH! Don’t tell him though…)

What is causing this early morning wake up is that yesterday Andrew asked me who lived at 131 Red Wing Road. “I don’t know? Why?” Apparently someone at that address molested an 8 year old girl. It is HORRIFYING to me that a sexual predator lives just 4 houses away from where I grew up. In my quiet little neighborhood. My mom would be livid I’m sure.

Well, I better get my terra cotta pot out of the sink so I can replace the plant. It had some weird white egg looking things on the bottom. I put vinegar in the drip tray hoping that would kill whatever was in there. Seemed to do the trick, but I am still bleaching it and changing soil just incase. YUCK.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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