Our Day at Paneras

Brighton and I went to have breakfast with the crew at Panera’s this morning after dropping daddy off for work. On our way out, just before I put Brighton in his carseat, I was approached by a man who offerred to “sell” me some jumper cables (they were in his van) for a few dollars to get him to Davenport…OMG! I was so freaked…I had Bright in his sling and I quickly put him in his carseat and got into the car and locked the doors. Then I promptly called 911 and told them. I watched him approach another woman, apparently asking the same thing. I caught her eye and mouthed “I’m calling the police” and I watched as she safely went back to her car. All these horrible scenarios were going through my head about what could have happened. I also started visualizing how I would rip this guys throat out if he touched my child. Violent, perhaps, but when it comes to my baby I’m like most moms, I’m like a mother bear. I think I freaked myself out, but we are all OK and the police (naturally) didn’t get there in time and the guy was gone when they got there.

Bright just got a new booster seat yesterday. It’s really cute and he likes it. Today he sat in the highchair at panera’s. It’s his first time sitting in a big boy chair! Since he can sit all by himself now!! He’s having some tummy time right now. It’s hard to remember to do that now that he can sit on his own. We both have colds, he is just getting over an ear infection and I have an inkling that he’s got another one coming on from the drainage from this cold 😡 But he’s doing good. Hmm..what else is new in Brighton’s world…No toothies yet, still budding and slobbering and slimey. He’s going in for his 6 month pictures on Wednesday. Glad I booked them when I did!! She’s now booking in to late Jan or maybe even early February now!! He’s also due for his 6 month vaccinations. I don’t look forward to that. Well, I better go get some work done. Here’s a couple of photos from www.picturetrail.com/broberb


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