It’s been a while!

Brighton and I have been absent for a while now. We’ve both been sick, and my poor babe has another ear infection which he seems to be getting over finally. So, we had to reschedule his Christmas/6 month photo shoot…but hopefully we’ll have them before Christmas to put on Christmas cards.

Brighton is doing so many super fun things now!! He is finally sitting up all by himself. He can fall backwards on his boppy and use his abdominal muscles to pull himself upright again. That’s exciting 🙂 He’s become a total remote control/cell phone junkie. He sees the remote or the cell phone and his eyes get REALLY BIG and he reaches as far as he can to get them. Ugh…great. Another techie in the family.

He has also graduated to oatmeal and jarred foods. Though we’re sticking mostly to the single grain cereals yet. The jarred veggies are a plus right now. I will also let him sneak some lemon yogurt once in a while too, which he loves. Here is a list of the foods he’s tried so far- not in any particular order:

Apple (just to gum)
lemon yogurt
blueberry yogurt
rice cereal
oatmeal cereal
mashed white potatoes (with a little water)
mashed sweet potato (with breast milk)
gerber jar sweet potato (he ate the WHOLE jar!)

Andrew finally made it home on Thursday Night around 8:30 PM. He was in Pennsylvania for work. Turns out he’s going to have to go regularly, so I better get used to it. I was a wreck that week which is why no blogs. But I’m slowly getting back in the swing of things. Brighton and I literally were pajama bums today. We’re still in our pajamas and it’s 7:00 at night. Given that the temp outside was -9 and didn’t get much warmer, we just stayed indoors all snuggled up all day. Now he and daddy are sleeping in the recliner, so I’m playing a bit. But I better get going. I don’t have anything pressing to do, it’s just really cold in the sunroom and my nose is running 🙂 Take care! And STAY WARM!


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