A Christmas Re-cap

Wow the holiday really took us by surprise this year. Before I knew it, we were late making candy, rushing off here and there to celebrate Christmas’ and it all flew by like a leaf on a cold autumn day. (yeah, that was a bit cheesy).

We all had a great Christmas and hope you all had a wonderful holiday too. Brighton made out like a bandit of course. His first Christmas was I think a bit overwhelming for him.
His first taste at Christmas was pretty low key at Aunt Sally and Uncle Tom’s place. He was more interested in the strings on the bags and the krinkly wrapping paper at first. Until he saw Baby Tad! 🙂

After that nice quiet evening, Christmas Eve struck. Along with 6 other crazy kids looking for their presents under the tree and handing out gifts like they were swatting at bumble bees (yeah, cheesy again, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT! It’s 10:30 PM and I’m tired…).

The next morning was our Christmas at home. We started out with pancakes and eggs for breakfast. (I was going to make Lefse or scones both of which I forgot about…) Then the opening commensed. It must have seemed boring compared to the night before, but thankfully, my gracious little chap came through for us and was naturally, happy with his very simple toys that we got for him. We played it low-key this year since we knew he’d make out like a bandit and we didn’t want to overdo it.

Then we took a nap…well, some of us took a nap
Before we knew it, we were all pooped and the day was almost over. Andrew made a wonderful dinner of stuffed pork chops and potatoes, complete with a chocolate pie for dessert. Brighton had squash and good ol’ milk. We all went to bed that night with a sugar high and full bellies. We are very fortunate and grateful to have each other and our families. Most of all, Andrew and I are so blessed to have this perfect little addition in our lives who makes us laugh and smile and sometimes cry just because we love him so much. We can’t imagine our lives with out him.

More Christmas and “what’s Brighton doing now” photos at www.picturetrail.com/broberb


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