Brighton’s New Word(s)

Ok well maybe it’s not his “official” first word, but he does use it to get a response. His first “word” unspoken is the sign for milk. The sign is to grasp at the air like you’re milking a cow. Appropriate huh? He definitely knows it when mom and dad do it. We’ve caught him doing it from time to time. Dr. thinks it’s just a reflex, but I think he’s doing it to let us know that he wants milk.

His second new “word” is “mum”. He often repeats it over and over when he’s upset. “mum, mum, mum, mum”. I’m sure he doesn’t know that he’s saying something very important to his mother, but he does only say it when he wants to be picked up or cuddled. So, it’s communication nonetheless. We’re working very hard on saying “DAD”.

He has also gotten very giggly this last week. It’s very funny. He really shows his excitement when mom or dad walk into the room, usually with a big toothless grin and a bit of bouncing. He also seems to be recognizing people he sees frequently. Grandma Mary, Aunt Sally, Grandpa Luke. Sometimes he will get all shy when we’re out and a stranger starts talking to him and he buries his head in my shoulder until let him know it’s OK. People seem to really fawn over him wherever we go nowadays. Which is of course fine by me so long as they don’t touch him. 🙂 I’m still a bit freaky about that since he had a month of getting cold after cold then the flu.

We’ve discovered that he’s ticklish which is cute beyond belief, and he loves being upside down. Not sure what that’s all about, but it just cracks him up. He giggles at funny sounds and still likes to try to eat books when we read to him.

He’s tried all the stage one foods except prunes. I’m very afraid to give him prunes…I just bought them incase he was bound up. Well, and except bananas because supposedly they have the same effect. But we’ll have to do bananas since they’re a favorite.

Bright and I both need baths and we’re headed to Barnes and Nobles today so I better run. Have a great rest of the week!


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