So what’s the poop?

Ok, perhaps not the BEST choice of titles, but it’s appropriate. Brighton was a little, ah, well…bound up these last couple of days. So we broke out the emergency stash of prunes. But here’s the kicker, he LOVES them! He is his grammy Reilly’s grandbaby. I always remember Mom getting the PRUNE kolaches. BLECH! Anyway, they worked, we’re regular again and have one more day of eating prunes 🙂

After going to boob group on Wednesday, a friend of mine there suggested a book on making baby food. So I ran my little butt out to Barnes and Noble yesterday and found it. It’s called Fresh Start CWorkbook. Today I made Sweet potato, pear and apple. It’s SO FUN! You make it up real quick in the nuker, and freeze it in ice cube trays. I probably made about 2 weeks worth of food in less than an hour. How cool is that? We’re still getting a couple of jars of things when they’re on sale because, lets face it, it’s easy when we go out somewhere. But at home this will be awesome. It’s also prompted us to eat a little better ourselves. It’s funny, I am pretty particular about what Brighton eats, but I still mow down on chocolate and candy. WELL NO MORE! We’re going to be good examples from now on. At least most of the time. When I get a picture of Brighton eating prunes, I’ll add it.


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