Bring on the New Year

New Year’s Eve
We all tried to bring in the New Year together, but Andrew conked out around 9ish, soon followed by Brighton. Mom stuck it out until around 11:30 then gave in. I thought I’d be brave and let Brighton fall asleep with Daddy. I figured it’d be no problem! But as I sit out in the livingroom, I can hear squeals and “mom”s and little noises, but figured he’d fall asleep eventually. So I went about watching my DVD of the making of “The Incredibles”. Not too long later, I hear “YEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOUCH!” followed by what I’m sure was a startled and just “done given up” cry. After laughing for a little bit, Mom went in and saved the night. Brighton was out as soon as I sat down in the chair with him and I fell asleep on the around 11:30. Turns out, the yelp from my husband was because Brighton grabbed his chest and chest hair and pulled and squeezed as hard as he could. Poor Andrew….

New Year’s Day
This morning was a whole other debacle. Before I had my coffee, I thought I’d be a good wife, and make scones for breakfast and put the roast on for dinner tonight. I managed to fill the house with smoke from the scones’ dripping butter and then turned the au jus for our roast beast sandwiches into a watery broth (I followed the directions on the package, not the recipe…). Yum. Despite all my troubles this morning and my swearing to NEVER cook again, the scones turned out and I’m hoping the roast will too. My husband was a total sweetheart, as usual. His patient self helped me to clean up the mess in the oven (and air out the house) and he reminded me that the roast would be just fine. Other than that, it was a good weekend and it was nice to spend the day today with my family taking down the Christmas tree and decorations and rearranging so we can get ready for Mr. Brighton to crawl. Which is not going to be long now. He gets up on his knees now and rocks all by himself. I’m signing off for now! Have a good night and a wonderful new year!


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