It’s almost time to clear the house…

Of all the things not baby-resistant. Brighton is almost crawling now. In the last week, he’s gotten up on all fours and rocked. He crawls backwards, he’ll get up on all fours then sit back down. His 8 month birthday is tomorrow (friday 27th) and mom is not ready for that. He’s growing up so fast. Before I know it, he’ll be out of high school! But I won’t think that far ahead.

Brighton has also graduated to the school of manipulation. hee hee. He will be on the floor playing and I in the kitchen oh, I don’t know, making his food, and all of a sudden I’ll hear a whimper, then a whine, then a cry. When I look up, he stops, looks at me and smiles. So I go back to what I was doing and here comes a cry again. So I pick him up, put him in position to nurse and after some giggles, he drinks a little, then he’s had enough. LOL. Back to the floor.

I tried giving him mac and cheese the other day and he literally puked. He’s sensitive to texture right now. Wonder if that is his age or what. But that was definitely a bust.


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