A Whole New Meaning…

My son has given the term “snot nose” a whole new meaning this week. Brighton has RSV. Respiratory Syncycial Virus . It’s been a whole lotta fun let me tell you. But no matter how hard on mom and dad, I’m sure it’s a lot harder on my little fella. Though he is getting better, which is why I’m able to finally update my blog, he still has to do breathing treatments every 6 hours for three more days then every 8 hours for three days after that. He’s been having treatments every four hours since Thursday. Needless to say, we’re not sleeping much or doing a whole lot either. I finally got out today to Target to get some groceries while Grammy Mary stayed with Brighton.
We were able to separate and put some of Brighton’s “too old for” toys away in the storage garage. As you can see, he helped a lot…Seeing toys he hasn’t seen for a while. He mostly just wanted to chew on the tags or the gourds behind him. 🙂


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