Picture Day!

Today is picture day. Actually, it’s make up picture day. We were supposed to have pics taken on Friday, but I made the mistake of running around and was running late and was all harried and crazy so we rescheduled. Today was supposed to be better, but so far, we’re running late. We will make it though. Brighton is napping, I’m eating lunch, and will jump in the shower as soon as I’m done.

We went to visit a potential day care provider today. She’s very sweet, has a 6 month old herself, and is 5 months pregnant. Crazy? Naw. Between them, they have 6 kids, and the one on the way. So they love kids, and have raised enough! The only thing that worried me is that they moved into this house, which was in the middle of being renovated, basically, it was just gutted. So they have few rooms that are finished, but the living room has just been finished, but it’s totally unsafe for a crawler at this point. I did mention that to her, but the kids wouldn’t be there yet. So I still might check out a couple other places in North LIberty/Coralville area that my Aunt Sally told me about. And this week, he’s going to Carrie’s again just to give Amy some time (if we do decide to go with her) to get ready. Anyway, I’m done with lunch, so I better be off. Enjoy the pictures I took this morning of my little man.


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