Little Stinker!

Today as I am finally folding up and putting away the last two weeks worth of Brighton’s laundry (yes, he has a lot of clothes), Brighton all of a sudden thought it would be really fun to reach over the laundry basket and start picking out the hangers. Ok, so after about 20 minutes of this I dumped all the hangers on the floor for him to play with. Of course, that wasn’t the fun part mom, DUH! So he then started reaching back into the basket and grabbing the clothes I’d just folded up. He got one sweatshirt, I thought “ok, he won’t be able to reach the others”. HA! He proceeded to pull out every single shirt I’d folded up then went after the jammies. I tell ya…It was pretty cute though. Finally he’s sleeping so I thought I’d add this little ditty then finish unloading the dishes. Have a great week everyone!


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