Day Two

Here we are at day two in the hospital (if you don’t include Friday night). Thank God Andrew went home and brought back his laptop. It’s the only connection to the outside world that we’ve got. We were supposed to be going to Andrew’s cousins’ retreat today, but since we’re here we won’t be doing that. I suppose Andrew could go and I could stay home with Bright today (that is IF we are able to go home).

I suspect that Bright is going to be cleared for takeoff today. He’s in much better spirits and is starting to show signs of my sweet little stinker. Though he’s dropped almost every toy he’s got (his favorite new game) on the floor and I don’t need to tell you how gross hospital floors can be. So he’s whittled himself down to just washable toys. Ones that we can wash here with soap and water. That leaves about three…

Mom just wants to vent now about this stay…so if you’re not into B-ing and M-ing, stop reading here. You would think that at a pediatric unit where parents are obviously going to stay, you could make it more comfortable for both parents. Andrew and I have swapped between the “bed” and the “recliner” both terms I use lightly. The “bed” consists of four or five inch couch cushions less than the width of a regular couch. The recliner is just a sad excuse for a wooden chair with padding. And we have to pay full price for our food. At least Mercy offers you coupons or discounts. They do here too, but the office where you get them is only open during the week. Convenient. So our 160 dollar a night suite includes a crappy breakfast that we have to pay 5 dollars each for (generous at one piece of french toast, one piece of bacon and gross oatmeal), a stainless steele cage for our son, a sofa sleeper (ha ha) a rocker/glider that has seen it’s better days given the scarred seams on the cushion, a recliner that leaves your feet swollen like sausages and your arms and hands asleep when you wake in the morning after holding a 18 pound baby with a 3 pound diaper. I could go on but my wonderful breakfast is here and Brighton is complaining about having to be in his cage while we eat. (the Cage is actually a cage disguised as a crib).


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