Oy Vey!

If it’s not one thing it’s another. We came home from the hospital on Sunday Evening around 4ish, then promptly went to Grammies house for shelter from the impending tornado/thunderstorm. But, thankfully, everything was fine, our house is still on the foundation, there are no more trees to fall on our house, and everything was fine. Monday, we all just chilled a home, dad stayed home on Tuesday with Brighton, and Wednesday we finally went to get some groceries.

Wednesday Night:
About 8:30 PM Mom in her brilliance decided to clip Brighton’s fingernails because Brighton kept pinching mom’s boob while nursing. So I’m clipping away,not paying a whole lot of attention. I go to pick him up and there’s a fingernail in his eye!!!! YES YOU READ CORRECTLY-A FINGERNAIL IN HIS EYE! Which of course he promptly CLOSES and squeezes shut as if it’s some kind of prize in a new hiding place. I’m franticly trying to pry open his vice of an eye while he’s screaming bloody murder. Apparently he thinks I’m trying to pluck out his eye, which is the only possible explaination for his wailing. I grab my Dr. Sears book, thinking “there has to be something in there! Dr. Sears thinks of everything!” Well, apparently Dr. Sears has never come across a fingernail in the eye. Nothing. So at 9 PM I call dear sweet Dr. Clark. Who after I tell her what happened, I can tell is forcing back hysterical laughter. She gently tells me that if I have saline drops for contacts, to drip those in his eye until it works itself somewhere that I can grab it with a tissue. Naturally, we don’t have saline drops on hand any more. So I use eurithromyacin. (or however it’s spelled). She says that’s ok. Andrew and I are sitting on the bed, Bright between us, both of us poking around in Brighton’s eye trying to see this fingernail and trying to drip breastmilk straight from the cow in his eye to “work it out”. Finally at about 9 45 we give up and go to bed. The only good thing is that Brighton is now exhausted and will sleep. The fingernail doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all. It’s bothering mom more than baby, and I’m sorry to report that the fingernail is apparently STILL in BRighton’s eye this morning. We’re headed to the Dr.’s office today to remove it…


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