Back to Normal…for now…

We’re at the beginning of a new week, and the weekend went well. Bright is sleeping right now which is why I’m able to update this blog. But I’m guessing it will be quick. Anyway, we got the fingernail out of his eye…after going to the doctor then to an opthamologist. After he stayed at work with me and screamed all day unless I was holding him. Everyone kept telling me that they couldn’t believe that he wasn’t screaming and fussing because something like that in your eye should hurt. He seemed a little fussier than usual, but he’d had quite a weekend and we figured he just didn’t want to be away from mommy. Because otherwise, he acted totally normal! After the Dr. got the nail out of his eye, you could see immediately that he felt better. I don’t think he’s shed a tear since. Poor baby!!!! Talk about feeling terrible. We’ll know next time just how high his pain tolerance is. HIGH!

Brighton has started to pull himself up on things to stand. Yeah. Next he’ll be walking. Don’t I sound excited? Well, I kind of am, but I’m kind of not ready for the little man to be walking all over the place and I’m not ready for my BABY to be all grown up! I know, it’s not like he’s turning 18, but he’s not my squishy little baby anymore. Now he tells me when he doesn’t want me to touch his carseat (excuuuuuuuse me!) by grabbing my hand and pushing it away. Though he’s still not really saying “words” he communicates in other ways. Maybe I shouldn’t push the talking either 😉

We’re starting swimming classes on the 23rd of April. I’m pretty excited about it, but I’m not very excited about having to get into a swimming suit…BUT it’s not about me and what I look like. I’m not going to punish Bright because I eat too many oreos. I know Brighton will have fun and I’m sure we will too. We MIGHT share the pictures…but don’t count on it!

Well, I’ll leave you with one more fun note. Brighton’s favorite new finger food is…ladybugs…yep. Lady beetles to be exact…I suppose it’s only the beginning and at least he’s getting some protein.


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