Another Day, Another Dollar

Brighton had his first swimming class yesterday. I think he enjoyed it although he was much more of an observer at first. He carefully studied all the people and the pool and the toys before he decided he was OK with it. He’s just like his daddy. At home, he’s murmuring up a storm, but get him in that kind of a setting and it takes him a while to come out of his shell. But that’s OK. He got the hang of it eventually. The only thing he REALLY didn’t care for was when we sat them up on the ledge and had them “jump” into mom or dad’s arms. (Mom in this case, dad didn’t go). He got up there and despite my coaxing he gave me a very worried look then started to shiver. So I picked him up and we tried again later. He did do it, eventually, but only once. Next week will be better. My sweet boy is growing up.

Backing up a day, we went to the Wisconsin Gourd Show on Saturday. It was a nice day and I’m SUPER glad we got the Jeep stroller. Neither of us realized that the show was outside, on a hillside. The show was small, but we got to take a stroll through the little town afterwards. Lots of great artists in that town. Check it out at .

Today, the big news is we went and applied for a home loan at Linn Area CU. We found a little house that just went on the market about a week ago and we put an offer in on it last week, the offer was countered then we accepted their counter. SO…We might be new home owners here pretty soon. The house is a small two bedroom, BUT it’s got a .6 acre lot, a walk out basement (clean, 1/2 finished I guess or finishable), new roof (2 years) new windows (2 months), new heater. The outside is brick.

Well, supper’s done better get going!


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