Long time no write-up

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged Brighton’s goings ons. So, in a nutshell, here’s a quick update:

Bright is now standing on his own (while hanging on to mom, dad, table, ottomon, drawer, etc etc.) thinking he’s pretty hot stuff. He’s taking “baby steps” pun intended, with dad or mom holding on. He gets very excited when he is walking like a big boy and starts snorting. Something that we’ve discovered that he does just about any time he gets excited. He also squeeks like mom when he gets excited. Like when mom chases him around the ottomon and says “I’ma gonna getcha!” He squeals and snorts with delight and crawls as fast as his little chubby legs will take him.

As you know, we’ve been taking swimming classes. That’s pretty fun, though Brighton has been breaking out. I think it’s from the chlorine and other chemicals in the water. He has had some pretty dry skin, causing itchy rashes. So now we take precautions and lube him up at night and promptly shower him after his classes. He’s much better at “jumping” off the side. As a matter of fact, he LOVES it! He figured out spashing, but not kicking or blowing bubbles (which we’re not encouraging – 10 babies, 20 parents in an itty bitty pool? You do the math). ick. Anyway, it’s going well, mom has only had to spend a small fortune on a swimming suit because she can’t fit her fat buns into a regular one. But that’s OK. I guess. Well, I better get going. Visit Bright’s picturetrail site for photos.


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