New Updates

This has to be quick but I have some updates…

1. Brighton has TWO new teeth! His top two popped out this last weekend. We wondered why he was so grumpy and wouldn’t eat much…He’s working on another on the bottom. But he’s not too grumpy yet.

2. With the emergence of his two new teeth, he has also learned how to grind them…ugh. I wondered what the heck that sound was , then when Andrew found his top two, it all came together. How long will this last?

3. No more bites on the house. Had one couple call yesterday wanting to purchase on contract. Dad (Andrew) said “NO!” I agree. Good decision Dad.

4. The auction at our “new” house is in June. So we’ll probably be moving come hell or highwater whether we have this house sold or not.

Here’s some pics…You can see more on Brighton’s Webpage at


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