Wow…I actually got something done!

I woke up this morning to a beautifully sun-filled room and a very smiley and silly boy (who got a whole lot of sleep lastnight!) I decided that I was going to run some errands this morning (which I did!) and then this afternoon I’d see if my Mother In Law could watch Bright so I could mow. Lo and behold, it worked out! Just the way I’d planned! That never ever ever never never happens. The stars must be aligned just right today. Then when Mary had to go to work, I decided to take a shower to remove the grass clippings from my cleavage. So I let Brighton have the run of the bathroom while I showered. It only cost me several feet of toilet paper to shower. So I figure that’s a pretty good deal. So now the little man is sleeping and I’m about ready to join him. Since I don’t have anything else planned today 🙂

Oh! Got another call about the house. Keep your fingers crossed!


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