Beautiful Day to catch some Zzzzzz’s

While Mr. Brighton is sleeping, I thought I’d quick update his blog. He has a new love, his stuffed monkey. It helps me out a lot because then I don’t have to stay laying with him when I put him down for a nap. Instead of hugging his “teddy boob” he can hug his silly monkey. The best $8.50 I’ve ever spent!

He is making new discoveries every day. A couple weeks ago, we saw signs of him beginning to “climb” everything. Once his activity center was out of the table it came in, he figured out that he could climb into it and sit in it and look out the window. He’s also discovered that playing with his trucks and cars in the windowsill is great fun and the best track. Much better than carpet. Then last week while we were putting clothes away and picking up his room, he figured out that he could take the wipes out of the basket that they’re stored in and climb in the basket to look out the window. Though we’re not encouraging this behavior (because he often likes to stand on these makeshift ladders) we have to admit, he’s a very imaginative and smart boy. 🙂 of course, we’re not biased at all. Yesterday he spent the day at grammies so Dad and Mom could go to “Whad’ya know?” at Hancher in IC. Grammie taught him how to safely, or at least not head first, climb down the steps. I know that he caught on because that’s how he tried to escape from bed this morning.

Today we’re waiting for the Real Estate Agent to come (he’s to be here at around 10 AM) and then we’re going to transfer the fish into the outside pond, then we’re off to IC for the Art Festival. If I can find an umbrella for his wagon, we’ll take that. Otherwise, he gets to sit in his stroller. So far, it’s a beautiful day and we have left the AC off. We were going to pack a picnic lunch, but we have no bread for sandwiches and no fruit. So we’ll just purchase something there. Unless I get creative which isn’t likely to happen since it’s 9:48 and I still have to brush my teeth and put a bra on before the Real Estate Agent gets here. Speaking of which, I’d better head out. Hope your weekend was as fun filled as ours!


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