My First REAL word! And Quacamole

Yesterday Brighton tried mom’s version of quacamole for lunch. Mashed avacado with plain yogurt and a splash of lime. No spices no tomato. Here is his response…

Another milestone yesterday. Much to our shagrin, Brighton’s first word isn’t “mommy” or “daddy” but “Kitty”. 🙂 He’s said mommy and what sounds like daddy, but we’re not sure he knew what he was saying. But yesterday morning he woke up, saw the cat and said “khkit-tty” (the “kh” is much like the H in hebrew – glutteral as in Channakuh). Then this morning I swear he said “pup-py” but he wouldn’t repeat it. But he did say Khkitty again!

He also likes to make a new sound where he holds his breath and squeaks out some sounds. Like he’s making a bowel movement (he’s not – we’ve checked). Then you think he’s choking (He’s not – we’ve checked that too). Ah….My sweet boy is growing up.

Today Bright is going to Grammy Mary’s while I go for a massage and reiki. Then I’m going to watch my nieces and nephew from about 1:45 to 2:30. So my reiki and massage I’m sure will be in vain but I’m doing it anyway…

Have a great day!


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