Scary Monday

Brighton and I had his 12 month doctor appointment yesterday. All went well, however, he may have been exposed to chicken pox, albiet a very light case. Dr. didn’t feel worried about giving him the vaccination and we both are hoping that will help stimulate his immune response and if he does get it, he’ll get a mild case. I just hope it’s before our trip to San Diego!

Dad had a pretty good Father’s Day. First thing in the morning, Brighton rolled over, gently touched Andrew’s arm and said “dha-ddy”. Andrew was still sound alseep, but mom heard it. And of course, hasn’t said it since. It was the sweetest thing ever. We have the sweetest boy.

Brighton and I went to visit the neighbors, Nicole and John, yesterday to see how her baby shower went. They were both in their pool and as I stood there trying to have a conversation, I could barely keep Brighton out of the water! So John and Nicole invited him to come swimming. “OK” I said, and went to get his swim diaper and suit on. He had a lot of fun, until he stuck his face in the water and breathed in. At the time, I wasn’t terribly worried though he had a horrible panic look on his face and couldn’t breathe for a few seconds. But eventually he stopped panicking and took a deep breath then a big cough and was ok and wanted back in. Needless to say, that (and heartburn) is what is waking me up this morning. I don’t ever want to see that look on his little face again ever. The thought of what COULD have gone wrong terrifies me. And what if he did that at home in the dog dish or the toilet? Dr. and I just talked about that this morning too. We both decided it was time for a toilet lock or to just keep the bathroom door closed (we usually do anyway). Anyhow, he did have fun, but I’m definitely going to be a lot more cautious even though there wasn’t anything we could do about what happened yesterday aside from just keeping him out of the water, which I don’t think is going to happen. I’m just hoping that now that I got this fear out to the universe I can go back to sleep for a couple hours. Resting in the comfort that my baby is safe and sound asleep in bed, where I should be at 4:30 AM.


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