Another busy week!

Another busy week in the O house.
Monday Brighton finally had his 12 month check up (he’s really closer to 13 months but oh well). He was still in the 10th percentile for his head size, but his height jumped up from the 10th percentile (27″ @ 9 months) to the 50th percentile (30 inches) at his 12 (13) month check up. His weight was I think in the 25th percentile at 20 lbs and .5 ounce. Brighton got great marks at his doctor’s appointment. She’s very happy that he’s eating everything that we’re eating, drinking some milk, doesn’t use a bottle anymore at all, extremely mobile – cruising but not walking just yet – and basically doing everything he should be doing. She wasn’t concerned about the whole chicken pox thing, so she went head and gave him the vaccination. I think he ran a bit of a fever the next two days after that but is fine now. So far, no pox…keep your fingers crossed. So dad is excited that he can turn his carseat around in his car. That is, if his car was running…***WARNING! RANT UP AHEAD AVOID THE NEXT PARAGRAPH IN RED IF YOU DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!*** yeah, his car pooped out on us again. There is some kind of short between the battery and well, the rest of the car. It’s just a piece of crap. We’ll never EVER buy a GM product again (sorry Sal & Tom). It’s been one thing after another with that piece of crap. Maybe it’s an Oldsmobile thing. I’m sure glad we spent $7000.00 to pay the piece of CRAP off! ANYWAY. That’s another story we don’t want to get into right now. Once we get our house and get settled in to our payments and any extra bills we will inevitably accumulate, I need to talk my husband into trading that sheiteola car off and getting a Honda or Toyota used vehicle. Moving on. Sorry about that rant…

Update on the House Situation:
We haven’t had any offers on our house yet. Bummer. The auction for the house we’re buying is July 9 and they’ll want to settle the estate fairly quickly I’m sure. So that ever looming double payment is giving me heart palipitations. I just HATE to think of that. If worse comes to worse, we can rent our place out – possibly to the neighbors who want to move out of the house they’re in. But there’s been no talk of any of that at this point. Though I did put the bug in their ear the other day when Bright was swimming. Who knows.

Then we’re off to SAN DIEGO! YEAH! We’re having someone come and doggie sit while we take off to sunny San Diego. Andrew has a work trip there, and so Brighton and I are tagging along. All we have to pay for is our ticket and our food. Otherwise, the hotel is paid for by his company, and if we can’t stay in the hotel for the weekend, my friend Jill offered to let us stay there. It will be so nice to see where she lives finally! Jill and I have been friends (well off and on right Jill?) since at least 5th grade (I’m not revealing the amount of years that is, but I will say we graduated in 1992 – you do the math!)
Marcy & Jackie and Jill and Brighton early 2006

Anyway, I’m so excited to see the city everyone covets. Although, I have to be honest. I’m a bit scared that I’ll be the fattest girl in San Diego. I know it shouldn’t bother me but it really really does. I’m trying to lose weight and all, but I’ll never lose that 90 pounds before July 16…Unless…I get a boob job…That might take care of a good 15 pounds….hmmmm Just kidding. Brighton is still nursing so I can’t do that.

Well all, I should get going. Andrew is busy cleaning the garage, and I think IM going to get ready to go for a walk with my little guy as soon as he wakes up. Have a great day!


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