Mr. Independance

Our little boy is turning into “Mister Independance” lately. He wants up, he wants down. He wants up, he wants down. The plane ride to San Diego is going to be just fabulous! I’m sure we’ll be the most popular people on the plane!

Oh I almost forgot another bad mommy story. I noticed that Brighton’s pants were looking a little funny the other day but didn’t concern myself with it. Then I went to change his diaper… oops.

Brighton has started so many new things lately. He shimmy’s off the bed. Grammy taught him how to get down the stairs safely, which is wonderful! But now he’s using that to worm his way off EVERYTHING! The bed, the couch, our laps, the chair…you name it. shimmy shimmy. He now wakes up in the morning and takes the initiative to shimmy off the bed himself, then do his morning squats to play peek with his still sleepy mommy. He even tries this in his stroller.

Here he is demonstrating the
(left) correct way and
(right)incorrect way
to drink from a sippy cup.

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