The Pox

I think my big boy has the pox. That is totally unconfirmed, but he was exposed, had the vaccination, then about a week or so later started becomming feverish, now the fever’s gone, and he had these little red blips on his face, arms, and legs and now one big bump on his back. It looks very suspicious, but he’s not itchy and the bump is almost more like a wart than a pox but what the heck do I know? I mean, I had the chicken pox, but I was what, 5?

Anyway, Bright and I had a busy day today. We went shopping for Fourth of July food and such. After his nap that is. He likes to sit on Daddy’s lap to read. For some reason, he doesnt’ like to read on my lap. Which kind of bums me out but what am I going to do. Right now I’m going to go back to bed. I’m barely able to keep my eyes open. But here’s his pic. see more on his website 🙂


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