The Pox is FOREVER…Ever…ever….ever….

Good grief do these chicken pox hang on and on and on and ON! I was just looking at my previous posts about me being “suspcious” about the “wart” on his back. Yeah well, believe it or not, it’s STILL THERE! Along with about 20 of his ugly, scabby little friends. Andrew took Brighton to the doctor today beacuse I wanted to make sure they weren’t infected because they’re just not going away! And she said they aren’t infected but they are still contagious. So that means no photo shoot for us tomorrow 😦 Oh well, maybe I’ll be nice and tan and rested up when we get home from sunny San Diego! Bright has a few new ones on his head, he got them yesterday but they’re all scabbed up already. I gave him a baking soda bath yesterday, I wonder if that helped. The ones we’re having trouble getting rid of are the ones in his diaper area! They’re right where his little leg folds are…poor baby! Well, that’s all for tonight. I’m pooped. I was up stressing again this morning at 2:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep until after 5. So I’m ready for bed!


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