SUN Diego!

Well, here we are in Sunny San Diego. Brighton and I have been touring the countryside and getting tan while daddy is cooped up at work. Monday we stayed in and rested, went to the pool in the afternoon then to Jill and Jason’s and out for a great dinner of creole cuisine. Tuesday, Brighton and I went to Mission Beach, walked around for a bit before we decided we didn’t want to stay there. We went from there to Coronado, a more family friendly beach. We hung out in the surf and ate our sandwich, got a bit of sun, then when he got sand and salt water in his eyes, we decided to call it quits and came home. That night we went to the San Diego Padres game. Wednesday Brighton and I made our way to Welburn Gourd Farm in Fallbrook. BOY was that an adventure! Mom spent too much money, bought too many gourds that Dad and I are still trying to figure out how we’re going to get them on the plane…then we all went back to Coronado to the beach and for supper. Today Brighton and I went to the Aquarium and then to La Jolla (La Hoya). We saw the harbor seals on the children’s beach and the beautiful coves and shopping district. It’s nice to drive through but I didn’t DARE place my 30.00 crocs on their floors that usually only see 500.00 Jimmy Choos. We didn’t stay long, but the beach and coves are beautiful. And the water is blue blue blue! Working on getting photos uploaded, but until then, email me or andrew if you want to see some.


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