Sittin’ in San Diego

Here we are in beautiful San Diego, sitting in our hotel room on a SATURDAY NIGHT! Well, we did have a big day. I finally got a day to myself and Jill, Jackie and I went to the Swap Meet and Brighton and Daddy went to Pacific Beach. Then we came back here and had to jump into the pool. It has been terribly hot here, hotter than usual according to the locals. I think we were all dehydrated the first couple of days then finally got ourselves back to normal, then yesterday and today wiped it all out. It was a scorcher! This afternoon, we went to the Marston House in Balboa Park. It’s a 1900 (1909 I believe) Arts and Crafts home. Mr. Marston was a business man and one of the men who was very instrumental in creating Balboa Park in San Diego. Anyway, the house is incredible. We lucked out and got in on the last tour of the day. Literally. We were the last three people there. Someone was holding a wedding in the formal garden. So many beautiful places to get married in San Diego! Then we went to eat at a new cafe on Adam Street in Jill and Jason’s neck of the woods. It was great. Brighton and I shared salmon patties and Dad had calimari fettuccini. Blech. No squid for me, thanks. But the scallops were good! So that brings us back here. Bright was SO tired this afternoon. He didn’t get much of a nap it sounds, and he had a bit of a nap after we went swimming but we woke him back up to go to balboa park. So he was at his wits end at the cafe. So we decided not to go see the sun set on PB and just came back to the hotel (after stopping at Starbucks). But we all need a restful night I think. Andrew fell asleep on the couch shortly after lying down, and thanks to Guatamalen blend brew, I’m still awake enough to blog.


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