Silliness & Disappointment

Well that’s a fun title huh? Well I’ll start off with the bad news. We got an offer on our house before we left for San Diego. YAY! Then when we come back, we found that they couldn’t get financing for our house without at least 5% down. So they can’t buy the house. They want it badly, but can’t come up with $2500! We’re not talking $10,000 or even $5000. $2500! Well, I can’t judge. I don’t know that when Andrew and I were first married we could come up with that money either. At least not without borrowing it. We even offerred to loan them the money but the banks wouldn’t go for that either. So we’re back at square one and the people who we were hoping to buy the house from is going to list it with a realtor. So that house will go fast if we don’t figure something out. There is some light at the end of the tunnel however. One of the kids that used to work for Luke (Big Luke) is looking for someplace to rent. So if worse comes to worse we have that option.

On with the funnies.

Last night Brighton learned how to give raspberries. He learned on my boob while nursing. He thinks it’s terribly funny and I suppose we do’nt help when we laugh at him. Well, it is pretty funny. I am hoping to be able to record the sound. We got a video of it but that will not be released due to it’s graphic nature. haha.


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