Yoga and Toddlers don’t mix

This morning I attempted to perform my “spine release” TRI yoga routine. I knew it would be difficult with the little man roaming free, but I had no idea. As I was in child pose after another particularly difficult pose I chose to forget about , focusing on my ooji breathing I hear “CRASH!” I break my relaxation to look up at my one year old climbing his favorite, mount end table, and tossing the equivalent of a flag, the lamp, off the table. I pause my video. Check to make sure nothing is broken, and remove said toddler from the end table.

Back to natural breath and natural seat and completion mudra. Beginning cobra, I lie flat on the ground, face down, as I begin cobra one (just lifting chest using back strength). Triumph. Toddler is somewhere playing with toys. I return on exhale to face to floor, and begin cobra one and go into cobra two. Toddler sees me doing this and thinks “hey, I’ll just go see what she’s doing”. I hear the faint “plop plop plop” of quick toddler hands against the floor then as I ascend into cobra, I can hear and feel several of my bang hairs being pulled out by sticky little hands who love the feel of the yoga mat. I breathe through the immediate pain. Then, I see (and feel) slobbery, spitty, wet raspberries in my face. Complete with a huge grin. OK, I had to giggle. So after much crawling in and out and under and over me while in different poses, I decide that Yoga is apparently as much fun for a toddler as it’s supposed to be exercise for mom. But wait, there’s more. I’m attempting to be in total relaxation, arms outstretched in the “t” position, legs straight out, hands in ohm madra, starting to feel relaxed when all of a sudden, I feel…oh how do I put this gently…hm…well, let’s just say Brighton wanted a bit of a drink. (I didn’t mention that I didn’t bother to wear a bra under my t-shirt, not thinking). Needless to say, I didn’t quite end my yoga at home session with total relaxation, but I did leave it with a bit of a giggle.


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