A Day at the Park

Brighton and I decided to have a picnic at the park. I loaded up some lunch, packed up his Radio Flyer and off we went to the park! Brighton ended up eating a green acorn (we sat under an oak tree), heaven only knows how many bugs, grass, and his sandwich, cheese, cheddar rice cakes, some of my potato chips that he commondeered, and that’s about it…that I know of. As you can see from the photos, he really enjoyed drinking from the water bottle. He attempted at several times to steal the straw from my soda. We had a good time. We went to the swing set afterwards to swing for a little while. HE really enjoyed that, especially when mom got her big buns into the swing next to him. He giggled and giggled.

When we came home, we were both pretty whiped and hot. So we decided to hop into the shower to cool off. Almost immediately upon removing his diaper, he stood up by the tub and peed on it! Great, this is the start of something isn’t it? So he took a bath, I took a shower. When we finished, I took him into the bedroom to put his diaper back on and get him ready for his nap. Before I could grab the diaper, he looked down at his boy parts as if something curious was about to happen. Then it came. The spray of baby urine soaking my just cleaned bedspread. “No no no!!!” GREAT! So I quickly put the diaper on (backwards first eventually the right way) then proceeded to fold laundry while he wore himself out crawling around the floor. Back to the predatory behaviors of toddlers. It was useless to try to fold the laundry, so I pitched what was left of it back into the basket and nursed the little turkey to sleep.


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