4:00 AM

Well, here I am again at 4 AM unable to sleep. My son and my husband sleeping peacfully in bed while I toss and turn thinking about one stupid thing after another. Why doesn’t this happen when I DON’T have to work the next day?

Anyway, Brighton is starting to mudder out some audible words. I know he can recognize and associate words that we say (better watch that language mom!) but I had yet to confirm that he actually understands what we’re saying. The other day I swear he said as I was changing him and he hadn’t had his first nap yet “mom sleepy”. Sally and Tom swear he was saying his name Bri-ton. And when asked where his shoes go and where his toes are, he points to his feet. He also really loves his new pet “feeshees” (two betta fish, one is named “SPOT” the other dubbed “BOB”) How cute is that? I think he’s also been saying “thirsty” which comes out a bit more like “datty” don’t ask me how I know this I just do.

Brighton also has some new fascinations. One being his belly button. And everyone elses belly button. He’s infatuated with trucks, or tractors, or anything with big wheels. His new most favorite toy is none other than a big cardboard box with “windows” cut out.
He also has a new bestest buddy…You can barely see her in the photo but that’s Brighton laying on Feebee in Dad’s chair. I was working on the computer yesterday and didn’t hear anything so I went to check on him and this is what I found. I had to literally tip toe back into the sunroom to grab the camera.

We have a new visitor whom I thought was just coming to see us out of the curiosity of our human lived inside this big box called a house. Saturday morning a squirrel decided to peer unscrupiously into our kitchen window. Of course, Andrew noticed him first and he scared the daylights out of Andrew. He immediately presumed the squirrel was rabid, which I assured him the squirrel probably was not. Turns out, he was just eating my petunias in the windowboxes on the deck…so I left him three of my prized pecans and bought a squirrel feeder which I still have to fill with corn.


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