My house was clean two minutes ago, sorry you missed it.

As I sit here writing, I hear the “bang! bang! bang!” of the cupboard doors. A toddlers attempt to either annoy us enough so that we will actually open them or venting his frustration that we won’t let him get in to play with all the fun things like oh, stoneware, cutting boards etc. Imagine if you will, a wild man who desperately needs to use a restroom on a door that is locked. He pulls and pulls and pulls on the door until he gets himself in such a state that the yanking of the handles has become habit and a way to unleash his pain. Yes, this image is equal to Brighton’s frustration, minus the potty part (he can do that in his pants) replace it instead with curiosity. It simply drives this little boy.

curiosity seems to also equal climbing on EVERYTHING. And I do mean everything. If he had pointier ears I would swear he was part “kitty”. The other thing that seems to be a favourite toddler past time is following behind mommy after she’s just picked up 5008 books and put them in their rightful places and pulling them back out onto the floor. I think today, collectively, I’ve done this 38 times. Then there’s the wooden train. It was so romantic of me to think, while I was pregnant of course, of my little boy calmly pushing his toy train around the room. **ENTER DREAM SEQUENCE** Gently he would take the blocks off of the train and because he was so brilliant and calm, he would replace them exactly where they were when the toy was purchased. Then he would return to his gentle play. Perhaps, even, taking a much cherished stuffed bear and hugging it to sleep after giving mommy and daddy a kiss on the cheek **SMACK YOURSELF BACK INTO REALITY!**…Ok that last part was pretty corny…But you get the idea. Oh no romantic fantasies here. The minute mom or dad puts the train back together again, he briskly pulls off every block until the poor wooden spokes are again naked. I’m not sure where the blocks disappear to but we’ve lost almost one per day since we bought the train this past weekend.

Does this give us some kind of insight to my son’s future character? In what job does a person rip things apart just for the pure joy of it, but not assemble them back together again? The only things that cross my mind are past episodes of CSI Las Vegas. I suppose I should give him a little time since he really is only 15 months old and is not going to get a job for at least another 15 years and not go to college for at least 16. OK, 17 but still. I guess so long as he’s not stabbing goldfish or drowning neighborhood cats I need not worry…(don’t worry, he would never do such a thing. He makes it abundantly clear that he loves all of his pets and would never stab them and it’s hard to drown a fish…)

By the way, he has learned where his nose is, where mummy’s nose is, where daddies nose is, where his feet are (where his shoes go), and where his teeth are. He also enjoys giving us very slobbery kisses. I’m trying to teach him Euro kisses (cheek to cheek) but he has yet to master it.


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