Labor Day Weekend Indeed!

This was one crazy weekend for the Oberbrecklings. We planned for Saturday to be busy, but not the rest of the weekend! While the boys (Andrew and my Uncle Tom) were working hard putting tile down on their front patio, the girls (my Aunt Sally and I) and BRighton went to the last farmer’s market downtown, then to Sam’s. We had a nice day of shopping. While on our excursion, I got a phone call from our realtor. “Someone wants to see the house on Tuesday at 3:00, make everything perfect!” He continued to tell me that the buyer is from Southern Iowa and is sending someone to “preview” it. And from what he could tell, it would be a cash sale. How do you argue with that? So for the last two days, literally, we have been cleaning this house. Not just cleaning but decluttering. Something we should have done months ago. I should also say that since we got back from Cali, we haven’t TOUCHED this house, less vaccuuming, cleaning the bathroom and dusting occasionally. We were so disappointed that the last sale didn’t go through that we had given up. Well, we’re not holding our breath for this one either but we are holding out a little hope…Now lets see if we can keep our house this clean and nice!

Enough about Brighton’s family life. Here’s some new things he’s doing! Tom and Sally got him a new Radio Flyer trike that has a nice little handle for mom or dad to steer. I believe its’ referred to as a “co-pilot” feature. It’s REALLY cool! And naturally, he loves it! We took a stroll at Tom and Sal’s house a couple of times, then when we got home, daddy took him around the yard while I made supper.

He’s teething again. Getting four more we thing that are causing him a lot of grief. Snotty nose, sore gums, sometimes a bad attitude (but that’s probably just his mom’s genes coming out). He’s not very good about performing for people. I ask him where his nose is and he just looks at me like “nose? What nose?” But I suppose I’d better get used to that huh? This morning, he decided to getup at 4:55. Mom was up stressing, Dad had just gotten up and so he must have been cold lying in bed all by himself. But he woke up in a good mood, so that’s a good start. Well, I better go get some coffee in me before I fall asleep on the keyboard. We have a big day ahead!

Have a great short week!


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