It’s been so long since I’ve posted, I almost forgot my password and username! SHEESH! We’re all suffering today (this whole week) with allergies. Though the Linn County Air Quality website says the ragweed and pollen count are moderate to low, this is the first time this season I’ve experienced such horrible symptoms. And I’m not alone! Andrew and Brighton have also been miserable. Even the dog is miserable. At first I thought it was just Brighton teething, but now I think it’s a combination of both teething and this rotten pollen. And to make matters worse, we have all of our windows open so even if we closed them up, the spores are in our house…ugh. As you can see by the time of this post (2:51 AM) I can’t sleep because I can’t breathe. Thank goodness Brighton learned last week how to blow his nose and wipe his nose. Now we just have to master actually using a tissue. But hey, it’s a start!

Brighton’s four teeth still haven’t come through yet. Poor kid. He can’t just get one or two at a time he has to get them all at the same time. So now he’s got a double snotty nose from allergies and from teeth.

Bright started a new Day Care a few weeks ago and things seem to be going good so far. I get the feeling they really work with him and he seems to have caught on to a few things since being there. He now gives me kisses with his mouth puckered and his nose all squished up and makes that “mmmmmmuoah” sound. It is the cutest thing ever. He’s still not keen on performing for people but we still try. He has also just discovered ears. Mine, Daddy’s, his, puppy’s, yours if you give him the chance 🙂

Just a quick house update, no we haven’t heard anything from our realtor regarding the last showing, two weeks ago. You know, the one we spent two days cleaning for? It’s so discouraging. I was hoping we’d be able to hand out candy this year at our own house. We’re thinking of dropping the price a bit too. I don’t know that much is moving right now anyway. There are some houses here in Mc Ville that have been sitting for over a year. That doesn’t make me feel any better…

Well, I better be off. My tissue (a strip of toilet paper) is getting pretty slimey, so I better go change and take some more sudafed…

Have a good week everyone!


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