Mother Nature

Or maybe it’s survival of the fittest….either way, mother nature sure knows what she’s doing. She can be cruel, but she can also be terribly kind. Though she doesn’t allow for children never to get sick, she allows for child to get sick, then become well while mommy is sick. (Yes, Bright had some kind of crud last week and now I’ve got the same kind of crud but he is well and handled his illness much better than I.) It’s still not easy chasing around a toddler when you’re not feeling up to par, but it’s a whole lot easier than trying to appease a sick toddler when you are sick. Mother nature is also kind in that she at the same time allows for a tennis ball obsessed dog and a toddler who learns to toss the ball all at once. No more picking up slimey tennis balls. Hey, the kid is slimey anyway, so what the heck.

Brighton has not only learned the art of making the dog chase after a tennis ball, he has also learned to answer “yes” by nodding his head when we ask him questions. “Do you need your diaper changed?” “yes.” “Are you hungry?” “yes.” “Are you sleepy?” “yes.” Now, he hasn’t learned “No” very well just yet, but we get the idea that he is no longer hungry when he starts spitting his food out of his mouth or throwing the fork with noodles still attached directly at your head.


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