Toddlers revert back to our cromagnon ancestery

Who needs to discover ancient bones and buried fossils to figure out we were once uncivilized and beastly? Just eat a bowl of spagettios with a 15 month old. DUH! Mom’s for thousands of years could have told you we came from a priomordial being and their genes are still alive and well in our mini-mes. We started out well enough with a nice clean spoon and a piece of buttered bread. Eventually, the bread became a mangle of yeast and flour and the butter somehow had reached the top of my head. But we were still holding strong to the spoon. Until, that is, the said toddler decided that he MUST hold the spoon and feed himself. He was not backing down, so mom gave in with a shudder. I’m not sure how (or if) I avoided airborne spagettios in tomato sauce but he finally released the spoon and dug in with his fingers. That’s where the fun began. I, being of unsound mind, decided to sit on my hands and observe this odd behavior. He began to eat the spagettios one by one…I thought to myself “Good Lord, how can he live like that?!” As his color reddened (or more like oranged) on his face, hands, bib, hair, he started to get creative. He’d gently adjust the O’s on his plate until the image suited him. Then he’d move the bowl they were in to the other side of his tray. Then to the opposite side. Then back again. Then he’d take out a few more, eat one here or there, and repeat. It wasn’t until after about 1/2 hour it dawned on me that he may want to do this with other foods. I heard the door open and daddy walked in. I finished my lunch and ran away leaving dad to clean up the mess. DON’T JUDGE ME! This was fun for baby but I needed a break…I do have to add one more thing. I may get frustrated by the dogs being underfoot and insisting on licking the baby, but this was one day I was very happy they were around.


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