Tickle Tickle Giggle Giggle

Brighton’s new thing is tickling…everyone. Not even the dogs are safe anymore. And you are obligated to laugh because Daddy and Mommy have spent hours giggling for him when he “tickles” you. An no place is safe either, I might mention. He’s tickled our noses, our hair, our feet, our legs, our bellies, our armpits, you name it he’s tickled it. It really is the cutest thing ever, well, next to his giggling fits that he now has. I think it’s somehow connected to the tickling and the fake laughing that mommy and daddy do, but I’m not sure. He will look at something and giggle. The cat cracks him up, the dog (when she’s not puking in the middle of the night) gets tickled then he giggles when she moves her head. It’s pretty cute.

Brighton had his 16 month birthday and still is not walking. I am told that this is still normal for this age. Sometimes it just takes a bit longer, and they usually don’t look into any physical problems until after 18 months. We went to the orchard on Wednesday and while we were in the gourd patch, unbenounced to him, he stood all on his own. For like 15 seconds. Twice. The trick is not letting him know it. It’s like he doesn’t want to do it because he’s afraid he will fall. He’ll do it if he knows he won’t fall. But until then, he’s still cruising and crawling and of course, climbing. But right now, he’s napping, which is why I have a second to blog 🙂


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