Growing Up

Our boy is growing up. Yesterday out of the blue, he decided to stand up on his own. I told you before that he did this without him knowing it a couple weeks ago, but yesterday he knew EXACTLY what he was doing! And he did it on “command”. PERFORM MONKEY! is what I call it. We just asked him to “stand up!” and he did it! Then he started walking while holding only one hand. He looks a bit like he’s drunk, but that’s OK. Rest assured, we’ve not given him alcohol.

Last Friday we went to Coralridge Mall for their family night. I didn’t know that they had a free family night on the last Friday of each month! But I know now! You can get into the Children’s Museum free (usually $5 EACH for adults and kids over 1) and free carousel rides from 5-9…Or is it 7-9? Regardless, it was free and tons of fun! Andrew couldn’t believe that I went to the mall and didn’t buy anything. Skeptic.
That Friday night happened also to be the eve of the big Ohio state / University of Iowa football game, so we got a surprise visit from Herkey! Brighton wasn’t sure what to think. I’ve cleverly photoshopped the majority of myself out of the photo…what you can’t see is Brighton’s white nuckle grasp on my shirt holding on for dear life incase that big bird like thing decided to eat him!


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