Anxious Crazies

It was a normal wake up this morning. About 7:30 I hear bits and pieces of words, silly noises and see my sweet lovely boy greeting me. Then I turn on the Tele. That was my first mistake. First I hear about freako Kim Jung Il testing nuclear weapons off of the N Korea shore despite everyone in the free world, including China, asking them not to. And of course, the media encorporates their view of everything, “when will the N. Koreans strike the U.S.?” I’m sure this kept terrified viewers tuned in to their channel. So I switch. To another lovely story with Meridith on channel 7. There I see Donald Trump and some other wealthy looking fellow telling us that the middle class is disappearing (big surprise) and you’ll be either rich or poor, why not choose rich? And in order to do that, of course, you have to buy their new book. Do we look stupid? Apparently. So I wake up happy to see my beautiful, happy, innocent boy and twenty minutes later, I have a hole in my gut brewing with fear and anxiety about becomming poor and not being able to feed my child unless I come up with some cooky idea that all the rich will want or write a book on how to become FILL IN THE BLANK and worrying about the present and future safety of my child. The first thing that comes to my mind is “Grab some lederhosen and move to Norway.”


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