Two Glorious Days

Well, it’s been two glorious days without the news. I have no idea what is going on. I hear blips and blurps here and there, but I don’t keep the stations on long enough to really hear it. And, it’s terribly peaceful without the tele on at all.

Starting next Monday, I’m going back to Yoga. Janel probably thinks I’ve deserted her sessions, but I haven’t. Really. I think about them every Monday and Wednesday. I just can’t get myself to go. Probably part of this funk that I’m going through.

Bright and I went to Panera’s today to visit with “the gang”. We had a showing this morning at 8 (or was it 8:30?) and so I loaded up the dogs and brighton and we left for the morning. Though I ended up at Panera’s, then to Barnes and Noble (Old Navy wasn’t open yet) then to Old Navy, then to Von Maur, then to Baby Gap, a brief stint at The Gap, on to Sears then back to Von Maur and then to Fareway for ground beef for the meatloaf I’m making for supper. Brighton was his usual entertaining self. Flirting with the ladies and talking stocks with all the men.

Now for the last three hours, he’s been meandering around the house catching up on all the floor time he missed this morning as the bags under his eyes grow ever-so-much darker. Yes, I can tell he’s tired but he just won’t give in. So I do. I figure he’ll just poop himself out and eventually fall asleep in the middle of the floor curled up next to the dog or something. Or perhaps he’ll just fall asleep here in my lap as I type. Either way, at least I can say he’s got a nap in today…


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