Breaking Golden Rules

I broke a very important “golden rule” of parenting lastnight. One that they tell you in the hospital right after your child is born, one that the ped tells you every time you go in for a check up for the first 12 months of your childs life, one that every seasoned parent warns you of not breaking, even people without children and dogs seem to know this rule. A rule that, if not followed can lead to hours of heartache and headaches. I woke Brighton up to eat supper. **GASP** Yes, I did. Even Andrew was terrified at the prospect. And at first, he was very tired, tossing his sippy cup aside, slamming his hands on his tray. Then he ate a pea. Then another. Then he decided, hey, I might just be hungry. And all was well. I guess sometimes rules are made to be broken, but no one will ever tell you that they did it. Except blogging mothers.


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