Bedroom Drama – Day Two

It’s DAY TWO and guess what? I tried and tried to get Brighton to take a nap this morning. Finally I figured out he was hungry. So he ate lunch, I gave him some benadryl to help his stuff nose (1/2 of a dose) and tried to get him to sleep again. After fussing about for, oh, 20 minutes, I got fed up and said “Ok kid, guess it’s time to just let you figure it out on your own.” And I put him in his bed, and following the pediatric nurses advice, I shut the door, waited to hear the cry, looked at the clock the minute it started. “ok in 10 minutes I’ll go back in and soothe him”. NOT NEEDED! He cried for about 1 minute then silence…HE’S ASLEEP! IN HIS OWN BED! YAY! Ok, the benadryl MAY have contributed, but whatever works! 🙂


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