Bedroom Drama – Day Three – Great Surprises

Well, it’s day three and the big boy is doing great in his own bed! He is napping right now – in his bed – and has been for over 2 hours. Last night as he was getting tired, I decided to put him in his bed until we were ready for bed, and VIOLA! He fell asleep! AWWWW my boy is growing up! But mom isn’t 100% ready to relenquish that safety net at night, so when I was ready for bed I went and got him. No it didn’t wake him up and it obviously hasn’t discouraged him from sleeping in there for naptime.

Naptimes are no longer a fight for me!!! Why WHY WHY didn’t I do this sooner?!?! Will keep you updated.

Tried to give Brighton tuna and noodles lastnight, hoping that he would eat the tuna. Nope. Ate the noodles and picked out the tuna and put it back on his plate. DADGUMIT!

We’ve also had to start putting the chairs on top of the table. My little boy is a monkey in a boy suit. He will climb ANYTHING. I see in my future many trips to the emergency room…better stock up on bandaids now.


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